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Desmoplastic small cell tumor.

Desmoplastic small cell tumor - a recently isolated, highly malignant tumor that develops from subserous elements of the pleura and peritoneum, or affecting the young, the average 22-year-old individuals (age range of indicators: 3 years - 48 years). Localization: abdomen (often with ascites, obstruction of the stomach, and bladder and ureters), pleural cavity. Macroscopically is a thick, grayish-white, multifocal node blurred, 2-38 cm diameter tumor invasion and also a lot of rapidly progressing metastatic. Under the microscope the nests, islands, bundles or strands of tumor tissue formed fusiform and / or rounded cells, small or medium-sized, often optically empty cytoplasm and / or bazaloidnym views. These cells form a solid, solid-iron (epithelioid) structure, and in the solid strata they may lie somewhere isolated. The level of cellular polymorphism varies from site to site.
Found Homer-Wright rosettes. The tumor cells are usually given a positive reaction to the total cytokeratin, desmin, and epithelial membrane antigen, at least on vimentin, CD15 and neuron specific enolase. With increasing lens x10 can count up to 30 mitotic figures per high power field of view. Generously provided by desmoplastic stroma tumors in different places and it is swollen, and myxomatous. The tumor should be differentiated from peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor, neuroblastoma, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma iizkodiffe-dedifferentiate cancer, neuroendocrine tumor (apudomy) and mesothelioma.

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