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Home NEWS Even mesothelioma, after treatment in Germany retreats.

Even mesothelioma, after treatment in Germany retreats.

At the University Clinic in Frankfurt use an innovative method of chemoembolization in the treatment of complicated cancer - Mesothelioma.

The history of the disease the patient from the UK showed promise of this method: 49-year-old Debbie Bryuver appealed to the Cancer Center, University Hospital of Frankfurt, the deterioration after 2 years of remission-x and got good results.

The cause of cancer in women has been communicating with her father, who worked on the asbestos production and brought home asbestos dust (a major factor in cancer of the pleura). Once a resident of Great Britain won the court the corporation for the production of asbestos and has received a huge financial compensation, and the verdict from the local doctors (British Aesculapius believed that it remained only 6-9 months of life), went to Germany for treatment.

Having regular chemotherapy, Debbie decided to try an innovative technique in the treatment of cancer (usually the method used in the treatment of liver cancer). German doctors have modified the methodology specifically for the patient and the British got a good result - the size of tumors significantly decreased, which ensures the patient a few years of life the patient.

Now a happy Debbie is struggling to this method became available to all cancer patients in the UK.

Chemoembolization - a method of local chemotherapy of malignant tumors of different localization by embolization (closure of the lumen of stopping blood flow) arteries feeding the tumor embolizing material containing anticancer drug. Refers to one of the types of interventions endovascular surgery or interventional radiology.

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