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Help for Patients with malignant mesothelioma in.

In the previous studies it has been hypothesized that low levels of the enzyme thymidylate synthase (TS) is probably seen in those patients for whom the drug pemetrexed help, but the results have been, at least, inconclusive and sometimes contradictory.
Studies in the University Cancer Center in Colorado and recently published in the publication Journal of Thoracic Oncology, give explanation: only in combination with a high level of the second enzyme, (folilpoliglyutamat synthetase) FPGS, low TC predicts the response to pemetrexed in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.
"There is hope that oncologists were able to check the patient's enzyme levels TS and FPGS and thus detect whether the patient treated pemetrexed or more appropriate to another treatment," - says first author, Daniel C. Christoph, MD Science, oncologist West Cancer Center, working postdoctoral as an international scholar and researcher in the laboratory researcher of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, MD Fred Hirsch.
Pemetrexed acts by inhibiting the enzyme TS, which requires cancer cells to replicate their DNA. Thus, it stands to reason that those tumors that have the level of TC is already low, the drug will have the greatest impact: the blocking of residual TC virtually stop the synthesis of new DNA of cancer cells.
At the same time, Christophe and his colleagues tested 84 cases of mesothelioma, in which patients were treated drug pemetrexed, and found that only the combination of low levels of TC with both high FPGS predicts patient's response to the drug.
The study was also able to explain the mechanism by which FPGS pemetrexed improves clinical effectiveness:
"High levels of FPGS allows pemetrexed stay longer inside the cell, allowing the drug to act against the vehicle in for a longer time" - continues to Christophe. Of the cases studied, patients with low TS and high FPGS increasingly respond to treatment with pemetrexed and their life expectancy was longer after treatment.
According to Kristof, the current study is the material preclinical work necessary to confirm the results of the study predicting the effectiveness of the TS and FPGS impact on patients with mesothelioma. Further research and monitoring of the data of these biological markers may allow their wide use in predicting the effectiveness of treatment of patients drug pemetrexed.

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