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Treatment of Malignant mesothelioma

A number of patients asbestos cancer mesothelioma symptoms can persist for six months or more. 50% of patients with pleural mesothelioma notice pain in the chest on the side or rear surface. Many of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma patients complain of shortness of breath. In some cases there is difficulty in swallowing, cough, sweating, weakness, weight loss and fever. Almost all patients with asbestos cancer mesothelioma is detected effusion - fluid in the pleural cavity.
Of the other symptoms of asbestos cancer mesothelioma can point to hoarseness, coughing up blood, swelling of the face and upper extremities.
In patients with peritoneal mesothelioma can be abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. Some patients may receive the fluid in the abdomen (ascites) and / or swelling.
Treatment of Malignant mesothelioma
Surgical treatment of mesothelioma
The operation can be performed as a palliative or curative intent. A palliative operation meant surgery that can be used to eliminate or reduce pain or discomfort caused by the growth of tumor- (removal of the pleura), thoracentesis (removal of fluid from the pleural cavity), etc. Such operations cannot be applied when removing asbestos cancer mesothelioma due process or the prevalence of the serious condition of the patient. Patients in a satisfactory condition, having a localized tumor, perform radical surgery, complete removal of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma.
Radiotherapy asbestos cancer mesothelioma
External radiation is used in patients with mesothelioma most often. With internal radiation radioactive material is fed directly to the tumor. This type of radiation therapy is used as the primary method of treatment of asbestos cancer mesothelioma patients in serious condition when they can not bear a serious operation. Secondary radiation therapy against the asbestos cancer mesothelioma is prescribed after non-radical operations to destroy the remaining cancer cells. Palliative irradiation is used to relieve symptoms caused by tumor growth asbestos cancer mesothelioma: shortness of breath, pain, bleeding and difficulty swallowing.
Chemotherapy asbestos cancer mesothelioma
In the treatment of patients with malignant mesothelioma, chemotherapy may be administered not only intravenously, but intrapleural and into the abdominal cavity. Depending on the stage of tumor chemotherapy can be both the main and auxiliary treatment. Moreover, chemotherapy is used only as a palliative, giving only a temporary effect.
Of the anticancer agents against the asbestos cancer mesothelioma is used: doxorubicin, cisplatin, methotrexate, vinorelbine, and others in various combinations.


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