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What you need to know about cancer?

In the XX century, the cancer is called "disease of the century", and in the XXI is probable that he will be the first scourge of mankind. Grim realities of today - each year from cancer worldwide are killed about seven million people. But even that terrible figure will not limit: by The World Health Organization, approximately 2020 cancer will take the leading position among the causes of death, which will allow him to overtake cardiovascular system.

Bodies, most predisposed to cancer

Scientists argue that the frequency of lesions of various human organs cancer - is different. As for the men, most often (about 50% of all cases of canser), they are defeated the digestive system, then the frequency goes: respiratory organs, skin, mouth, lower lip and throat. In the ladies cancer often affects the uterus, then - the digestive organs, breast, and skin.

Cancer of the digestive system begins with the deterioration of swallowing function, at first only during swallowing coarse food, and in the future, depending on the degree of tumor growth and narrowing of the lumen of the start even when consuming liquid food. Sometimes the pain can be felt in the chest and epigastria region.

Breast cancer (breast cancer) characterized by different forms, but most often it is represented by a solid painless tumor, which is located in the interior of the breast. In most cases, women find it yourself, it is absolutely random. Quite often, it is preceded by little lumpy breasts. If you find something like that, see your doctor as soon as possible!

Cancer of the lower lip begins to develop on the site of a variety of diseases lips - non-healing sores and cracks, stains, and other processes that are associated with the growth of tissue. As practice shows, these sores can be covered crust, simulating the process of healing, but it soon disappears, and ulcers will continue to harden and grow. In order to prevent the formation of cancers in organic diseases of the lower lip as quickly as possible to stop smoking because smoking only assists in the development of malignant tumors.

Uterine cancer, as you might guess from the name, is striking in the first place, the cervix. Its development occurs against a variety of chronic processes (erosion, polyps, etc.). Quite often the cause of this disease is unliquidated damages, which are caused by abortion or childbirth. At the initial stage of cancer of the uterus does not have any external manifestations? They occur only when the tumor starts increasing. This disease is accompanied by a disturbance of menstruation, pain, bleeding. Doctors say that the pain - is one of the last signs, signaling an advanced stage of the disease.

As for colon cancer, it may appear on the background of polyps located in the rectum. His most "popular" is a sign of bleeding, but it appears very late - at a time when the tumor was large development and began to disintegrate. Such bleeding is sometimes confused with hemorrhoids, respectively, the disease starts. It should be noted that the hemorrhoid is not premalignant disease, but they are quite capable of existing together.

Lung cancer or mesothelioma asbestos cancer is beginning to dry cough in the morning and later at night. With the development of tumors, coughing will generate a significant amount of sputum, which has a slimy character. In some cases, there is pain in the chest, which intensified during coughing, shortness of breath and a recurring slight temperature increase, in rare situations - hemoptysis. Please note that a major role in the development of lung cancer is smoking regularly.

Stomach cancer often occurs as a result of suffering a prolonged illness of the stomach - ulcers, polyps, and various forms of gastritis. The primary symptoms are slightly: blanching of the skin, fatigue, weight loss. Later formed an aversion to meat food, begins nausea, vomiting and lost appetite. If the tumor was a good development, periodically may appear painful. It should be noted that the risk of cancer is characterized by the direct dependence of hereditary predisposition.

Stage for cancer

This terrible disease has several stages of development. Depending on what stage the cancer that will take appropriate actions to further diagnosis and treatment. Cancer is characterized by four stages (I, II, III and IV). If there is a small, limited places cancer, then it is about I-th stage of the cancer, and also a lot of advanced metastatic disease, we can talk about cancer IV-th stage.

Depending on the variety of diseases are assigned specific treatment techniques. In the first research professionals only define the clinical picture of the cancer. In the future it is determined whether the cancer can be removed.

Staging, that is the definition of the spread in the human body of the cancer process, is considered the most important event, necessary to select the method of treatment. We should not forget that the process of cancer development may take several years or even decades. During this period, pre-cancerous cells, where under the influence of carcinogens, made genetic changes (mutations), to become more viable and active. In the future, they form something like tumorlet which are clusters of malignant tissue, is not harassing people, and they are almost impossible to diagnose. As a result, tissue grows vessels that feed them, and these tumorlet turns into a malignant tumor of the final stages of development.

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